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Victoria University
of Wellington

Anniversary Photo Timeline

The content consists of a timeline of all 125 years and historical information and images. This was a truly large amount of content, and the most challenging part of this project for TBD was to display it in a way for the audience to navigate easily. The information had to be clean, readable, and as uncluttered as possible. This was done through a repetitive structure, but mostly through the use of colour. Shades of the Victoria University of Wellington branding colours as well as a warm contrasting terracotta colour helped to distinguish the 5 categories of information from one another. This made the flow of information more readable and gave a key for the audience to follow. The bright colours and use of shape and pattern as well as the use of historical images gave a visual interest to what would otherwise be an overwhelmingly large block of text. The shapes that outline the text help to give an accurate point on the timeline and also create white space within the composition that allows the design to breathe. The pattern used is a repeated motif that links to Victoria University of Wellington’s bicultural heritage and is part of its visual identity. The style of the installation differs from Victoria Unversity’s typical branding by making it a less serious, more fun style in order to garner attention from the audience within the installation site.

Tier 2 - TBD Digital
Tier 3 - TBD Digital

The transition TBD made from the installation design to a digital space was a specific challenge. In order to condense information that fits in a 3-dimensional 6m space into one webpage required a significant amount of restructuring. To do this TBD build the site with two types of navigational bars. One that went by each decade in the timeline and the other linking to each of the 5 categories. The change from a multiple-column structure to a single scrollable linear timeline also aided navigation and made the content easily readable and clear.

Tier 5 - TBD Digital
Tier 6 - TBD Digital

Overall TBD created dynamic and well-structured compositions for the physical installation space as well as the digital space using shape and colour effectively. The content is easily readable and clear, especially given the time period allowed for the project.

Checkout the online version at:
Victoria University Timeline

Victoria University of Wellington
Colin McDiarmid, Victoria University of Wellington

Tier 7 - TBD Digital