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Tipu Pakihi

Inaugural Māori Business Symposium

TBD worked with Te Matarau a Mа̄ui for their inaugural business symposium, Tipu Pakihi.

The event aimed to showcase the diversity and innovation of Māori businesses and provide a platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. TBD facilitated this with the development of a brand, as well as print and digital collateral.

Creating the branding was an involved process. We worked on a more restricted version of Te Matarau a Mа̄ui’s colour palette in order to create a streamlined and simple brand feeling. The colours were also reduced to not add additional complexity to the logomark. The shapes used in the logomark had to be clear and obvious with the ‘U’ shape becoming the head on the fish (North Island) conjoining each icon around the main global icon mid-point. We worked closely with our client to make sure the final logo mark matched their vision in terms of meanings associated with the icons.

Branding image - TBD Digital
Programme mockup - TBD Digital
Print with blank - TBD Digital

The print and digital design created aimed to combine an attractive inviting aesthetic with clean legibility. The designs leaned heavily on text and colour for this. Little photographic elements were used to create a consistent design. The curved/wave shaped elements provided visual interest. TBD also provided branded collateral for the event. This helped create a strong representation of the Tipu Pakihi brand. Overall the brand feel is harmonious, bright and appealing. Another great project!

Social media - TBD Digital
Lanyards - TBD Digital
Collateral - TBD Digital